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Deli Nature

Deli Nature comes from the house of Beyers which was set up in 1907. Beyers was the first specialist in bird mixture foods and thus became a market leader in the segment. Though many emerged as competitors over the time, but none could match the Beyers quality and promise. In 2002 Beyers bird products were decided to be marketed under the name of Deli Nature. This was done to suit their underlying mission statement: Back to Nature. So, old name or new, Deli Nature has more than 100 years of experience and knowledge in making top quality bird mixtures for your companion birds.

Deli Nature offers food, treats and supplements for all types of companion birds, all unique to suit different needs of diverse breeds. Deli Nature carries out its production process in accordance with GMP-ISO standards. Research has been fundamental to the offerings of Deli Nature as it has developed its food with the help of research and experience of specialized breeders, hobbyists, bird vets, nutritional experts, nutritionists and universities.

Deli Nature has made the conscious and only correct choice of re-connecting with nature. And since customer is the king, the prices at which they offer their products is very reasonable.