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Deli Nature Fruit Patee Egg Food is a ready to use egg food for Parrot type birds. 
Deli Nature Fruit Paté is a soft food for all types of fruit eating birds such as starlings, jays, turacos, toucans and not to forget fruit pigeons.

The fruit pate contains a high percentage of natural honey and the variation of fruit (pineapple, papaya), berries (rowan and juniper) and raisins; ensure that it is very tasty.

One of the most important causes of death amongst fruit-eating birds is the build-up of iron in the liver. Consequently, it is extremely important that these birds receive a feed with a low iron content. Very important is the Vitamin C content, because there’s a correlation between iron build-up and Vitamin C.

Deli Nature fruit pate has an iron content of less than 60ppm and a low Vitamin C content. In addition, Deli Nature fruit pate is enriched with dried shrimps and gammarus to increase the percentage of animal protein.

Daily seed requirements vary greatly by bird species and age. To arrive at the ideal daily amount of seed mix, the manufacturer suggests providing an ample portion at first and slowly adjusting the amount over time. The feed and drinking water must be changed daily.
Bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, sugar, fruits (at least 9% of which 33% raisins, 24% pineapple, 23% papaya, 10% rowan berries, 10% juniper berries), vegetable by-products, oils and fats, minerals, molluscs and crustaceans (min 2.5% of which 30% gammarus, 70% crayfish).


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Product Code 040517
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