CeDe Egg Food Bianco (1 Kg)

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BIANCO rearing food

CéDé® BIANCO rearing food is a supplement feed for white, light coloured and mosaic canaries.  Coloration of the feathers must be avoided for these species of birds.

CéDé® BIANCO rearing food has a higher content of vitamin A, because recessive white canaries cannot create it so well themselves. CéDé® BIANCO rearing food contains high-grade proteins, all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals and micro-nutrients for successful breeding.  The addition of essential amino acids boosts moulting.


Give one teaspoon per bird per day during the breeding and moulting season and only twice weekly at all other times to keep your birds in full health.
Having tried several other products we have used this on our birds and found that they have taken to it readily and moulted with a good even overall colour.


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