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Most experts agree that cocidiosis is the biggest problem faced by bird breeders. It is possible to combat this persistent and stubborn condition with medicines. However, the use of these medicines has unwanted side effects for liver, intestines and kidneys. A result, the use of medicines must be followed up by additional treatment with vitamins. Coccidiosis, as well as the intensive measures needed to treat it, can now be easily and simply eliminated thanks to FONIOPADDY. What is Foniopaddy? Foniopaddy is a naturally occurring grass seed, which is grown on plantations in Uganda. As it is a natural product, overfeeding is not possible. More than three years of field investigations on the effectiveness of Foniopaddy in treating coccidiosis have demonstrated amazing results: Under the supervision of veterinarians, infected birds were fed with Foniopaddy. Faecal samples showed that, within a week, coccidiosis could no longer be detected.
How to use Foniopaddy?
During the first week, allow the birds to determine for themselves how much they wish to eat. After the first week, give them one sugar spoon per week (for example in the treats container of the breeding cage). Larger areas containing 30 to 40 birds should be supplied with two to three tablespoons per week. Foniopaddy should be given separately, as the seeds have a very fine structure, which causes them to sink to the bottom when mixed with other seeds.
If you give more than the amounts indicated above, it's no problem at all, as Foniopaddy is a natural product. Overfeeding is therefore not possible!



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